Get Out the Vote project in Collaboration with League of Women Voters


TIPS for filming your video of yourself, your friend or family member- For social media posts by LWVSB. Your video will be posted to remind people online to Vote. And to Mail in the Ballot early if possible – to reduce Post Office overload near the Election Day, November 3.

  1. First, think about what you want to say. (The “I vote because…?” page has ideas.)
  2. Practice. Writing it down can help. Say it a few time and time it. Try to get it down to around 30 seconds. Please don’t mention a candidate’s name as the League takes positions on issues, but does not endorse or oppose candidates.
  3. Record yourself or your friend or family on your phone.  Watch it and re-record it until you have a version you like and it is about 30 seconds long, or less.
  4. Use these guidelines to make a good video to watch.
  5. How to share your video for the LWVSB  Facebook, Tweet, Instagam .Please send your video asap through text to (424)-610-1781. If you have any trouble sending your video file, contact Erica at for assistance. 
  6.  Send your name and any title you would like – to help describe who you are. For example, Rashida Jones, Teacher, or J. Martinez, Former Mayor.  Then Erica can put your name and title on the lower half of your video’s screen. Then it can be posted on Facebook, etc., by LWVSB , especially during September and October.  THANK YOU for Empowering Voters and Defending Democracy!


Oct 01 - 31 2020


All Day

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