Ways to Honor Dr. King

King by Effraim Smith – Jan 9, 2020

  1. Lift up the Importance of Education
    Too many young people have no sense of the lives sacrificed for integrated schools and access to higher education.

  2. Lift up the Importance of Participation in Democracy
    Lives were also sacrificed for the right to vote for all citizens

  3. Lift up the Beloved Community
    This was Dr. King bringing the vision and values of the Kingdom of God into the mainstream of the nation. It’s also a wake-up call to the church to connect evangelism and justice.

  4. Plant and Develop Multi-ethnic and Missional Church Service
    11:00am on Sunday morning still remains a segregated hour in too many churches

  5. Study Matthew 25:31-40
    Develop an understanding that the first drum major for justice was Jesus

  6. Teach children the stories of Rosa Parks and Ruby Bridges in church Sunday School classes
    (Especially in non African-American churches)

  7. Plan a trip to Washington D.C. with your family and see the monument in his honor, which includes inspiring quotes by Dr. King
  8. Develop a serious and fruitful friendship with someone of another ethnicity/race.
  9. Explore deeply and confess your own racism, prejudice, sexism, and neglect of the poor.
  10. Thank God for how far we’ve come, but the work is not done.
    We’re not where we should be, but don’t act like God hasn’t brought us a mighty long way. Balance your lament with praise.

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